Our Mission

The mission of Sunland Distribution is to achieve the highest standard of temperature-controlled transportation, warehousing and supply chain management while promoting food safety, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. Sunland Distribution will effectively communicate with our customers, employees and all regulatory entities to achieve that common goal.

Our vision of Sunland Distribution is to be a conduit to food shippers and receivers to provide a seamless move of inventory from one location to another arriving at the specified time and in the expected condition.

About Sunland Distribution

SUNLAND Distribution started out in the early 1980’s in Burlington, New Jersey. From the very beginning, the focus was to offer weekly on-time deliveries for temperature controlled LTL shipments from the NE, down the east coast into Florida. Today, SUNLAND has multiple facilities providing dependable service to over 3,000 customers. SUNLAND has positioned itself as a transportation leader covering all 48 continental states.


Every Shipment is Monitored and Transported at the Correct Temperature.

We're A Premier Temperature Controlled, LTL & Truckload Provider Proudly Servicing the East Coast & Midwest.

We understand the technical requirements for handling temperature controlled shipments. You can be confident that each shipment is properly monitored and transported at the correct temperature. We are committed to providing the highest level of service and expertise for every single shipment we handle. When time and temperature matter, ship it right, ship it SUNLAND.

All SUNLAND Distribution drivers, warehouse personnel and key management are certified in Food Safety Training and Awareness for the Transportation Industry.